GR80s Exhibition Catalogue // Design

“Greece in the Eighties at Technopolis” exhibition was an original historical journey through he 80’s which aims to immerse visitors in a unique re-enactment experience. 80’s politics, lifestyle events, arts and technology, were brought to life through a combination of direct information, audio-visual exhibits and interactive applications sectioned within 18 separate pavilions. The exhibition was organized by Technopolis City of Athens, with a parallel program of events at Onassis Cultural Centre.

Skafandro did the art direction and design of the exhibition “GR80s. Greece in the Eighties at Technopoli”, the concept and the final design of the communication material. Exhibition catalogue was also designed by me.

Exhibition Curators: Vassilis Vamvakas, Panayis Panagiotopoulos
Project Management: Medianeras
Production: Technopolis City of Athens, Greece
Architecture design: Ahylo
Art direction & Design: Skafandro

Duration: 2 months
Visitors: 80.000

Logo design: Vassiliki-Maria Plavou


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