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Cyclehack Athens 2015

What is a CycleHack? A CycleHack is a tangible prototype that addresses a barrier to cycling.  It is an idea or set of solutions, that solves problems with cycling from people wanting to get into using bikes, to people who ride on a daily basis. 1st Cyclehack in Athens took place at Τraces of Commerce. Me and my Skafandro facilitated the global event in Greece for 2015. Cy.cle.Hack (si-cal hak) noun, plural CycleHacks A tangible prototype that addresses a barrier to cycling. verb, CycleHacked, CycleHacking To retrospectively modify current infrastructure and / or cycling products & services using a cyclist’s intuition. CycleHack began as a conversation between Jo Holtan and Sarah Drummond over a coffee. The pair wanted to find a mechanism to bring people together to positively address issues in cycling and bring something different to the cycling world over and above conversation about infrastructure. Matthew Lowell who is […]