Cyclehack Athens 2015

What is a CycleHack?
A CycleHack is a tangible prototype that addresses a barrier to cycling.  It is an idea or set of solutions, that solves problems with cycling from people wanting to get into using bikes, to people who ride on a daily basis.

1st Cyclehack in Athens took place at Τraces of Commerce. Me and my Skafandro facilitated the global event in Greece for 2015.

Cy.cle.Hack (si-cal hak)
noun, plural CycleHacks
A tangible prototype that addresses a barrier to cycling.
verb, CycleHacked, CycleHacking

To retrospectively modify current infrastructure and / or cycling products & services using a cyclist’s intuition.

CycleHack began as a conversation between Jo Holtan and Sarah Drummond over a coffee. The pair wanted to find a mechanism to bring people together to positively address issues in cycling and bring something different to the cycling world over and above conversation about infrastructure. Matthew Lowell who is a keen cyclist and designer joined the team and together they set up CycleHack which has grown to become a global movement and organisation offering design thinking to the cycling industry.

Collectively we make up CycleHack and believe that through empowering individuals, organisations and governments to collaborate, share skills and prototype new ideas around cycling, we can build a healthier, more active and sustainable world.

We started in 2014 with the idea to run one CycleHack event in Glasgow. This grew to 3 in Melbourne and Beirut and before we knew it, we were CycleHacking with 25 cities across the world in 2015.

We continue to grow our approach to reducing barriers to cycling which you can find out in our services page and welcome more Cyclehackers to join this growing movement.”

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